Sheila Newbery Photography

Platinum-palladium prints from Los Caprichos:after Goya, an artist's book in the making. It's inspired by an eighteenth-century masterpiece: Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes' famous album of eighty satirical aquatints, published in 1799.

Los Caprichos means literally: whims. The images are photographed from video source and printed in platinum-palladium.

In keeping with Goya's sharp-edged commentary, each of the images is printed with a caption --- in Spanish.

The project (in medias res) is growing: there will be 80 prints in all.

"Just as he is" (platinum palladium print, 2014)

"Follow the leader" (platinum palladium, 2014)

"More prisoners" (platinum palladium print, 2013)

Bon voyage! (platinu palladium print, 2014)

And you believed them! (platinum palladium print, 2014)

"We just want to ask some questions " (platinum palladium print, 2014)

"So many followers" (platinum palladium print, 2014)

"Every man for himself" (platinum palladium print, 2014)

Unexpected kiss (platinum palladium print, 2014)